2022-10-04 - Now Supports IPV6 Reports   

We have added support for submitting spam complaints from mail servers using IPV6 IP addresses. This feature is available for everyone and will resolve the "No IPs Found" issue some of you have reported.

2021-05-07 - Report Network Abuse including DDoS Attacks and Abusive Crawlers   

We've added support for reporting network abuse. You can now report everything from DDoS attacks to SYN Flood attacks to abusive crawlers and even spam posted to contact forms. Network abuse complaints can now be filed through our web site or through the API.

Check it out by visiting our network abuse reporting page.

Submit feature ideas and bugs by using our contact form.

Thank you!
The Team

2020-05-15 - Added Phone Number Support to Blocklists   

We now support filing spam complaints on phone numbers in all global regions. This means that you can file complaints and view complaint history for any phone number. This database is shared with major carriers to reduce global robocalls.

2018-04-01 - New SOBL Available - Attack Source   

A new SOBL ( Block List) has been published, SOBL-ATTACK. This list contains IP addresses which were found to be attacking hosts. Attacks include DDOS attacks, SYNFloods and other attack types as described in the TYPE column. This list can be exported to firewalls to block malicious traffic.